Solutions to Everyday Challenges

“I want an easy way to hang sports gear up and off the floor of my garage.”

Problem: Most sports storage options rest on the floor which take up valuable storage space and trap dust, leaves, and dirt, whereas most wall systems are more complicated to build/set up and can get pretty expensive.

Zypr Solution: Zypr’s durable hanging loops are 16″ apart on center and work ideally with most wall stud spacing in your home and garage. This allows you to securely and safely hang the bag were it makes the most sense for your family while keeping floors and walkways clear and clean.

“I wish there was an easier way to access items at the bottom of my storage bin.”

Problem: Storage bins and traditional sports bags have one way in and out. Items on the bottom – or even in the middle – can be a challenge to remove without having balls spill out and roll around the garage.

Zypr Solution: Zypr’s diver mesh and two-way zipper design makes it easy to see and access any item in the bag – even a small air pump sitting on the bag bottom. This is the best way to remove the ball you want, without all the other gear falling out.

“I hate carrying two or three bags with me out to the field, but throwing all of my gear in with the practice balls is worse.”

Problem: Carrying a bag of balls plus all your other coaching gear can be tricky. Plus, once you get to the field or court, you have to dig out the cones, pinnies, and air pump so practice can begin. Two bags help, but that is a hassle.

Zypr Solution: We designed an accessory line to fit the Zypr bags with coaches and team managers in mind! The waterproof pouch, nylon straps, and shoulder pad are all interchangeable and fit each Zypr bag. These accessories allow you to attach and organize practice equipment (as well as your valuables you don’t want to get lost!) right with the Zypr bag – but outside of the mess of balls.

“I have a lot of gear to organize, but it seems like all the quality organizational ‘systems’ are limited on storage space.”

Problem: Most quality sports storage systems on the market today have a limited storage capacity. so it can get pricey when you factor in multiple units to hold all the gear an active family uses.

Zypr Solution: Zypr comes in 3 sizes to fit your storage needs without breaking the bank. The large bag can fit 20-30 balls of various sizes. You can use one bag or multiple bags to fit your storage and carrying needs.

*Bonus benefit! You can use Zypr bags with a wall or track system and increase the functionality of the system dramatically.

“My kids’ sports bags reek… they leave all kinds of nasty stuff in there that I find a week later when it is beyond hope.”

Problem: Sports equipment and apparel, especially outdoor and beach gear, has a tendency to get wet thanks to Mother Nature. What gets wet. needs to dry out or it will start to smell and get nasty.

Zypr Solution: Zypr’s mesh design, plus mold and mildew resistant bottom, helps gear dry better, while letting you see items that may be in need of attention. Plus, all Zypr’s bags are machine washable.*

*Excessive machine washing will degrade the screen printing over time.