Medium Zypr

Base Diameter

Top Diameter

Bag Height


Hanging Loops

Loop Location

Hang Loops

Loops Height

2-Way Zipper

2-Way Zipper Location

Ability to carry/portable

Strap Width






11-12 soccer balls, basketballs, or footballs; small air pump


Centered on back of bag

16" apart on center

2.5" - 3" high


Front of Bag

Adjustable Strap


Game Ready – On or Off the Field

Our Medium Coach Bag Features:

  • Storage capacity – stores 10-12 regulation-size balls (soccer/basketball/football/volleyball)
  • Hanging loops – for easy storage
  • Two-way zipper – easy access to contents
  • Quality materials & craftsmanship
  • Mold/mildew resistent bottom
  • Heavy-duty stitching
  • Machine washable materials

Need something larger or smaller? 

The Zypr is the ultimate sports bag line for coaches.  As parent coaches, we knew that the ball and tournament bags on the market today were rather limited.  They are often cheaply made or they lacked the feature-functionality that a coach wanted.

In the development process, we talked to coaches and club managers to get their insights into designing “the ultimate sports bag.”  Here is what our research uncovered:

  • “Make it last.” Say goodbye to bags that last a season or less.  Zypr is designed to last with “Grade A” quality materials that can take a beating and come back for more.  With Zypr you will get multiple seasons worth of performance.
  • “Make it fit for real-world game and practice conditions.” Having walked the sidelines in wet, muddy, dirty conditions, we know that the balls and equipment going back into the bags are often in need of some clean up and ventilation.  And once your equipment gets messy, unpleasant bacteria and mold is set to grow.  Zypr is made out of super-durable diver mesh to help with air drying and the bottom is mold and mildew resistant to ensure that the nasty stuff doesn’t try to stick around.  Plus, Zypr bags are machine washable for those times when it gets really muddy out there.
  • “Make it trouble-free for my players.” Making the most out of your limited time on the field with your athletes is key so having features that make it easy for set up and cleanup is important.  Zypr’s mesh design and two-way zipper makes it fast and easy to identify and pull out just the item needed inside the bag without having to dump all of the contents out in the process.  Plus, the cinch top makes post-practice cleanup easy as all the balls and equipment are easily put back into the bag.
  • “Give me my trunk back.” Coaches said their old ball bags rarely left the trunk or backs of their cars because finding a place to store it was easier said than done.  Zypr added two loops to let coaches easily hang the equipment up and out of the way when not in use, giving them back their trunk space when not in “coach mode.”
  • “Let me coach it up.” Practice pinnies and cones often get lost inside duffle bags and then become disorganized or muddy from the balls.  Zypr offers pinny straps that hook onto the outside of the bag to organized and hold extra items separate from the balls.
  • “Protect my personal stuff when it rains.” Having one bag to carry and manage is preferred so having a safe and secure spot for key fobs, phone and wallet was a big coach request.  Zypr offers a waterproof bag that securely connects to all of its bags via a carabiner clip.
  • “Make walking across multiple fields and parking lots easier.” Depending on how much gear you are hauling around, you may need some additional shoulder padding to soften the blow. Zypr has developed a removable padded shoulder sleeve accessory that slides onto the adjustable strap.

Why Zypr?

Developed by parent-coaches for active families, coaches, and athletes, the Zypr is more than a sports bag.

It is a flexible storage system and durable ball bag in one, making it a breakthrough organization solution for those that don’t just love sports, they live sports.