Small Zypr

Base Diameter

Top Diameter

Bag Height


Hanging Loops

Loop Location

Hang Loops

Loops Height

2-Way Zipper

2-Way Zipper Location

Ability to carry/portable

Strap Width






1-2 balls, pump, shoes or 2 beach towels, water bottle, sneaker, Frisbee, hat.


Centered on back of bag

8" apart on center

2.5" - 3" high


Front of Bag

Adjustable Strap


The Perfect “Wet and Sweaty” Sports Bag

Our smallest bag, the Athlete, is sized for individual use and features:

  • Capacity – 2 balls, shoes, 2 towels, bottle, Frisbee, hat.
  • Hanging loops – for easy storage
  • Two-way zipper – easy access to contents
  • Quality materials & craftsmanship
  • Mold/mildew resistent bottom
  • Heavy-duty stitching
  • Machine washable

Need something bigger with more capacity?

Zypr is ideal for the hardcore athlete or active individual that gets WET! Whether you are doing laps at the pool, sweating in the gym, or playing volleyball on the beach, the Zypr Athlete bag is made for you.

When designing our Zypr bag for athletes, we were set on offering features and benefits they couldn’t get with other bags on the market. We talked to athletes to understand what was missing and what they needed. Here is what we our research uncovered:

  • “Sometimes I forget to take out my wet stuff” The diver mesh body allows anything in the bag to breathe and dry-out, while the mold/mildew resistant bottom means that even if wet stuff sits for a while, it won’t hurt your bag.
  • “I lose items in the bottom of the bag” From sun glasses to swim goggles, and beach towels to shin guards, the two-way zipper makes it easy to find and remove anything you need from your bag.
  • “Make it portable” The adjustable strap makes carrying the Zypr a breeze whether walking or riding your bike to the pool or the practice field.
  • “It would be great if it could hang in my gym locker.” The storage loops allow you to easily hang it on any hook wherever you may be.
  • “Give me options to protect my personal items.” Since this bag is made for holding wet stuff, Zypr’s water proof bag is the ideal accessory to keep valuables, like key fobs and phones, safe and secure from the elements.

Why Zypr?

Developed by parent-coaches for active families, coaches, and athletes, the Zypr is more than a sports bag.

It is a flexible storage system and durable ball bag in one, making it a breakthrough organization solution for those that don’t just love sports, they live sports.