Developed by parent coaches for active families, the Zypr is more than a sports bag. It is a flexible storage system and durable ball bag in one, making it a breakthrough organization solution for those that don’t just love sports, they live sports.

Protects phone, keys, wallet when you are out on the field, gym, or beach.

As coaches and parents of active kids, we know firsthand that the games and practices must go on – regardless of the weather.  The good news is that no matter the situation, the removeable Zypr waterproof pouch is going to make your life a lot easier.

Whether practice or games in the rain, or a trip to the beach, pool, boat, or skihill; the Zypr waterproof pouch will keep your mobile phone, electronic car key fob, wallet, and other valuables safe from the elements.

The Zypr waterproof pouch was designed to be used with any of the three Zypr bags.  It can also be used by itself or with any backpack, golf bag, suitcase, etc.. to protect your valuables no matter what you are doing.

The carabiner easily attaches to the hanging loop on the bag and can rest inside the bag.  Or, if you prefer, simply put it in the bottom of the bag and you can easily access it when you want via the two-way zipper.

The pouch is extremely rugged, but stylish enough to go wherever you need to go.

  • Waterproof pouch with zipper
  • Stylish
  • Attaches/removes quickly
  • Size: 25cm width x 16cm height

Takes the pain out of carrying equipment to the field; even the heaviest load!

Sure, we know we are tough, but who doesn’t enjoy a little pampering!  We understand our users have different needs.  For some of you, you will put the bag on the wall and it will perfectly organize your sports clutter for years and never leave the wall.  For others, you will be carrying this bag to the gym or field at least 6 days a week.  And sometimes that walk from car or bus could get pretty long.

That is why we developed a removable padded shoulder sleeve as a Zypr accessory.  We wanted to make it removable for a number of reasons:

  • If you don’t need it, you didn’t pay for it.
  • Works with all 3 Zypr bags. Buy one sleeve, but use it on all of your Zypr bags.
  • If it gets dirty/smells, remove it and wash it.

Keep water bottles, pinnies/jerseys, cones and other gear close at hand and separate from heavy balls and equipment!

Two (2) nylon straps and buckles – 36” inches in length and 1” wide – are ideal for securing additional gear to your Zypr Bag.  Use your durable nylon straps to secure pinnies, cones, and water bottles on the outside of the bag.  By hanging your gear on the outside of the bag, you will have secure, but easy access to your gear, while keeping it from getting destroyed by wet and muddy gear that may be inside your Zypr bag.