Large Zypr

Base Diameter

Top Diameter

Bag Height


Hanging Loops

Loop Location

Hang Loops

Loops Height

2-Way Zipper

2-Way Zipper Location

Ability to carry/portable

Strap Width


The Team




Over 20 balls of various sizes


Centered on back of bag

16" apart on center

2.5" - 3" high


Front of Bag

Adjustable Strap


Sports Storage and Organization

Nearly 12 million US households have school-aged kids active in sports. If these families are anything like ours, that translates into a lot of households trying to control the day-to-day clutter and chaos that comes with being an active family.

Most sports storage products on the market today can be limiting because of their cost, lack of quality, limited holding capacity, limited functionality, or installation requirements.  Zypr bags offer a better way to take back your garage!

Our Large Zypr Bag Features:

  • Storage capacity – stores up to 20+ balls
  • Hanging loops – for easy storage
  • Two-way zipper – easy access to contents
  • Quality materials & craftsmanship
  • Mold/mildew resistent bottom
  • Heavy-duty stitching
  • Machine washable materials

Need something smaller with less capacity?

The Zypr bags are designed to work the way your active family lives and plays. We talked to sport parents to understand what they needed in sports gear and ball storage. Here is what we our research uncovered:

  • “Improve the quality.” We heard that affordable storage options on the market today are not well made – and definitely not designed for a high traffic garage or storage environment. Zypr is designed to last with “Grade A” quality materials that can take a beating and come back for more.
  • “Increase the capacity without taking up a lot of space.” Sport parents told us that they were multi-sport families, with lots of gear to organize. Most quality sports storage systems on the market have limited storage capacity, so it can get pricey when you factor in multiple units to hold all the gear an active family uses. Whereas big storage bins hold a lot of balls, but they sit on the garage floor and take up precious garage space. Our large Zypr bag, which we call the Team bag, can hold up to 20 balls so you can store and organize A LOT of gear without the big price tag, and the Zypr’s hanging loops let you store your gear up and off the floor with just a simple hook.
  • “Make it easier to access items at the bottom.” Storage bins and traditional sports bags have one way in and out. Items in the middle or the bottom can be a challenge to remove without having balls spill out and roll around the garage. Zypr’s diver mesh and two-way zipper design makes it easy to see and access any item in the bag. It also means it is easy to put balls BACK into the bag when done using it.
  • “Make easy to take with us.” Active families don’t just want to store their gear and equipment; they want to take it out of the garage and into the yard, field, or gym. The Zypr’s bag design and adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to carry your gear out to where you want to use it.
  • “Give me more than one size.” Depending on the size of the family and the type of sporting equipment needed, sporty families wanted options that worked for storage, for coaching, for holding wet and dirty laundry, for beach and boating items, and for their athlete’s stuff. Zypr has you covered with 3 sizes to fit your needs.

Why Zypr?

Developed by parent-coaches for active families, coaches, and athletes, the Zypr is more than a sports bag.

It is a flexible storage system and durable ball bag in one, making it a breakthrough organization solution for those that don’t just love sports, they live sports.